#FREETHEBEES explores the idea that the bees do not need to be saved, rather freed from our old habits, conceptions, and paradigms. FTB is a collection of web-based conversations with radical bee guardians* from all across the world. FTB recognizes that we are in a crisis and there are solutions to be lived and shared. FTB celebrates the diversity and mystery in the culture and craft of bee guardianship. FTB strives to educate + empower and illuminate + inspire. FTB is inclusive of all radical bee guardians – beekeepers, farmers, artists, poets, activists, scientists, mystics, and comrades who strive to collaborate with Mother Nature + Father Time. FTB is about opening our heads, hands, and hearts to stir mindfulness into ignorance.

* Referring to the original (and less often used) meaning of ‘radical’: to the root of things, to the origin. A ‘guardian’ is someone who protects something. A radical bee guardian defends the bees’ survival in  respect of Mother Nature and Father Time.


If you’d like to be a part of this project, please get in touch: rootfluxx [at] gmail [dot] com